Radical Community Builders

"I've heard of you before!"
~Burner met during a brunch

It's been more than interesting seeing how an intentional community can grow. I feel as if that's a word that's been thrown around a lot in various organizations and structures as a means to create buy-in from employees and members. There are community-building activities meant to foster and build trust and companionship. There are of course happy hours and other social gatherings that occur with the intent to build community. Over the past few months, we have seen Tresor Space grow in that capacity. We still host the monthly burner brunches, but have also started hosting monthly Camp Beemore member meetings to be used as a community hub in a centralized Baltimore location. Having local burners meet in your living room to discuss future parties, events, and ways to grow as an organization in Baltimore is a surreal experience in itself.


This other aspect of building an internal community comes from welcoming our fourth roommate, Tina. About a month ago, we cleaned and built up the middle room that connected our third roommate's long room to the hallway attached to the kitchen and main gallery space. After over one and a half years we finally crafted a room that now houses another human being/artist.


There are moments when I am standing right in front of the oven and gaze out at the expanses and perspectives around me. I can see through the kitchen wall opening at the cuddle puddle, look up at the rustic rave loft, gaze into Sean's hippie trap room, and still take an active part in the kitchen area. During these moments I smile seeing this physical space that we created from our visions and inspirations from others. Three weekends ago we held an intimate after-party following the Baltimore Deep Sugar Return to the Emerald City event at Soundstage. Seeing Tresor Space utilized to its full glory with about 12 people hanging out, lounging, taking photos, cooking, drinking, cuddling, and dancing around 4am will always make me smile.


Hosting these continuous events here breeds familiarity among people and lets attendees to feel as if they have established some semblance of a connection with others. I have met furries, photographers, project managers, DJs, engineers, call center representatives, editors, and all walks of life from all ages who somehow like coming together to share in a space.