December Festive Burner Brunch

"Yo man, thank you so much for welcoming us into your space. It's very post-environmentalist... like what an artist collective would look like in a post-apocalyptic world."

This past Sunday, we held our 2nd monthly Baltimore Burner brunch. Even though the last brunch occurred 3 weeks ago, this was the only free weekend in December due to holiday commitments later in the month. Danny Baltimore DJed the majority of the brunch, which is a life experience that I never thought I would ever have. I mean, who else gets to say that you held a potluck brunch in your living room with a DJ playing beats on a blacklight reactive loft floor that you built? There were a few new faces compared to last month, which led to newer interactions and shared conversations.

I remember conversations related to quinoa recipes, dancing in Brooklyn house music temples, the art scenes in the west coast vs. east coast, icebreakers in Burning Man orgy tents, and the weather in Miami. At one point, I took a step back from the roasted Turkey, cuddle puddle, and blacklight DJ loft to witness what this place had become. Sean recently registered tresor space on Google Maps, which brings such a smile to my face. This small dream and investment into creative visions for a home to host communities and friends have come into fruition over the course of time. One of our favorite pleasures here is to host friends and strangers and see how they interact with one another in this space.

Over the course of the brunch, so many visitors asked me what my art was. I laughed a little bit because at first glance I guess that I appeared to fit the typical artist stereotype since I had the purple hair, residence in a warehouse, and had surrounded myself with contemporaries with untraditional jobs and interests. I answered that hosting was my art. My skills involved curating a space and making people feel comfortable coming together and sharing food, conversation, and space. These events also get me excited, because then the new connections made during these informal brunches will allow people to then see each other at other events and build off of those connections moving forward into the future. It's a community coming together through a shared interest over music, weirdness, and food.