Glad and Boujee

"Thank you for hosting us, and know that you will always have a place to stay in Austin, TX when you come to visit."
~Band Member of Bourgeois Mystics


The weather has been getting much warmer over the past month, and as a result more denizens of the CopyCat building spend time outside on the steps hanging out and chatting with passers-by. They notice the sign above our door proclaiming that inside that door is tresor space. We then get asked if our gallery space will ever be back in use for exhibits or if we will ever throw shows again on our stage in the main studio room. While we are still working on clearing out our gallery space of all the excess building materials and storage supplies, we have thrown at least one real show in our studio. Back in April, thanks to our friend Audrey who introduced us to the local burner scene, we hosted the Bourgeois Mystics:

"Since early 2015, Bourgeois Mystics has captivated TX audiences with their distinct combination of funk, art rock, and hip-hop which they dub "Art Funk." The group couples its infectious and bombastic compositions with witty tongue-in-cheek lyrics and electrifying live performances. Distinct originals and unique covers are sung in various languages including French, English, and Hindi."
~Facebook About Page

Of course we were a bit nervous about hosting our first real show, especially since we didn't want to cause a commotion or problem being one of the most exposed units in the CopyCat building. This show was going to be a trial run for us to see what we could expect from the logistics of hosting a show. We were expecting them to show up on Thursday evening for a more intimate show comprised of friends and family of the lead singer Taylor. Back in Fall 2016, Taylor had left the east coast and her burner community to go to Austin, TX and pursue her career a musician. This show was the first time that she was able to share her music and her growth as a musician ever since she left her community here. 

The result was hosting 40 burners, artists, friends, and family members through an evening of the band performing on our cuddle puddle stage used for something other than sleeping and cuddling. It's a versatile stage. It felt very validating to literally provide a space for Taylor and the bandmates of the Bourgeois Mystics to perform, eat a warm dinner, and sleep in peace before continuing their tour across the country. The ability to provide space just for a little bit, brought such a smile to my face. At one point during the show, the entire crowd jumped from their chairs and danced in the studio room and danced to the music. It was moment's like these that allowed tresor space to showcase a small bit of its potential as a community gathering space to share music, dance, art, and space.